Tesla Model S will get the Roadster version

The electric car Tesla Model S will receive an unusual version of the Roadster – a two-door with a soft convertible top will not be made by the company itself, but by the Italian bodybuilding studio Ares Design. Italian bodybuilding studio Ares Design, which recently intensified with new projects, presented another exclusive creation. This time, the Tesla Model S electric vehicle  Continue reading “Tesla Model S will get the Roadster version”

Euro NCAP began to test the effectiveness of the autopilot


The Euro NCAP organization, known for its crash tests, has begun to test autopilot in cars and noted that no model on the market offers a full autopilot yet. In early 2018, the independent organization Euro NCAP, known for its crash tests of cars, published new criteria for testing cars. Now there are included tests of unmanned driving systems and the first tests of the autopilot have already passed. Basically, these systems are considered driver assistants when driving on a highway, rather than a full-fledged autopilot — adaptive cruise control, recognition of speed limit signs and a restraint system were tested  Continue reading “Euro NCAP began to test the effectiveness of the autopilot”

Test Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe. Athlete or dude

Style, brutality and the most powerful engines. And what else is good new model Mercedes-AMG? Nice meeting! Again, the eminent German champion Bernd Schneider as an instructor and pilot of a “safety car”, a racetrack, and which track COTA, Circuit of the Americas, one of the most interesting and exciting in the world – and … 639-strong liftback with the name Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe. Continue reading “Test Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupe. Athlete or dude”

Older batteries in Nissan figured out how to use them

One of the main questions that environmentalists pose in an era of rapid development of the electric vehicle market is how we will dispose of batteries later. Modern batteries have one major drawback – their lifespan is limited. And we can perfectly see this on our own smartphones – after 1-2 years of intensive use, batteries often begin to “keep energy” worse. Car batteries live longer than on a smartphone, but sooner or later they will also need to be changed. Continue reading “Older batteries in Nissan figured out how to use them”

New Tesla Killer Rivian R1T pickup

Amazon is investing 700 million (!) Dollars in the company Rivian, which plans to begin production of new electric SUVs and pickups. Moreover, Rivian pays a lot of energy to creating new unmanned driving systems. And the arrival of such a monster as Amazon, which already has great experience in the field of electric vehicles and UAVs (not to mention financial opportunities), makes Rivian not just another start-up, which is enough now, but turns it into a very promising brand. Continue reading “New Tesla Killer Rivian R1T pickup”

New Toyota Corolla – test “little Camry”

Corolla has added in luxury and gloss, but is it enough for such a “nickname”? Do you think “little Camry” is our invention? No, now Corolla is styled in the Russian representation of Toyota, emphasizing that the 12th generation of the world bestseller has become even more prestigious and “more premium”. And the internal rivalry does not frighten them at all. Why? Continue reading “New Toyota Corolla – test “little Camry””

Unmanned autos Waymo leader, and Apple and Uber lose

At the moment, many companies are conducting tests of unmanned vehicles in the United States. But it turned out that the undisputed leader here is the company Waymo. But drones from Uber and Apple are causing a lot of questions. This became clear after the California Department of Motor Vehicles published statistics for the past year on driver intervention in unmanned vehicles. Continue reading “Unmanned autos Waymo leader, and Apple and Uber lose”

Car keys will not be needed

It seems that the car keys, which are familiar to us, will not be needed any time soon – everyone understands that in the age of modern technologies it is just silly to use metal keys Moreover, there are a lot of technologies in the world that allow you to make the process of unlocking locks not only more convenient, but also safer! At the electronics exhibition at CES in January 2019, the German company  Continue reading “Car keys will not be needed”