Why Nissan Qashqai 2019 has become a better test of the updated car

In the comments to the overview video about the new “Qashqai” someone noticed: why are there testing – headlights and grille? Apparently, the reader watched a video without sound. But we told that the engineers tried with this restyling no less designers. The refreshed design (optics, wings, bumpers, grille, hood and wheels) is global here – in Europe, this restyled Qashqai has been available for over a year, so on the roads of Greece (where this model is popular) no one paid attention to our “new product”. But in terms of technology

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The smallest (and cheapest) 2018 Volkswagen crossover first test drive

The visual perception of T-Cross strongly depends on the decor. Remove the colorful wheels, be afraid to order a car in acid metallic, stop at the classic interior of dark colors – and now the youthful, bright crossover turns into a boring, if not to say dull, just a car. Another Volkswagen responding to the outbreak of Toyota C-HR, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross or Nissan Juke, except that with a smoky monobrow of a reflector the entire width of the rear door – from a flashlight to a flashlight. The apparatus of the millennial deprived of designer courage and rich accents will not turn back – it does not cling.

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Testing the Lamborghini Urus 2019 – the coolest SUV in the world

The first Lamborghini crossover sold out instantly. When there was no “Urus”, many rich people dreamed about the car of this cult brand – but they didn’t quite understand what they would do with it. Therefore, they bought a practical Cayenne Turbo and continued to envy that guy on the yellow Hurakan. Lamborghini understood this and made an uncompromising crossover for such doubters – a kind of “your first Lambo”.

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Toyota has patented a built-in body wash

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has registered a Japanese patent application with Toyota for a pick-up system integrated into the body Everyone knows how Americans love pickups. While other manufacturers are trying to build different steps for them, steps and sliding boards, to make it easier to use the cargo platform, Toyota has invented another useful piece – a sink built right into the body. Everything is simple: there is a water tank hidden in the left side, and washer nozzles are located along the perimeter of the cargo compartment. The patent describes several variants of the system design: with nozzles built into  Continue reading “Toyota has patented a built-in body wash”

New Hyundai Sonata can be opened using a smartphone

South Korean car brand will demonstrate the operation of a new keyless access technology called Digital Key at the New York Auto Show. The principle of operation of the Digital Key is the same as the one used to pay for purchases using a smartphone with an integrated NFC module. In the case of Hyundai cars, the owner will first need to download a special application, register and, if desired, add up to four authorized users. For example, to open the car door – the driver

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Robomobile in New York will appear in 2019

What actually represents the next attempt of UAVs to penetrate the “Big Apple”? A metropolis on the East Coast of the USA is not only a dream of many people, but also a big goal for companies. If the new product was successfully lit up in New York, then the chances of its survival are greatly increased – the marketing effect is very powerful. But this city has not yet surrendered to unmanned vehicles, although attempts followed one after another. The freshest may turn out to be the most successful, although robomobili will not be allowed on Wall Street and Broadway anyway.

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Four magic letters in what magic of the full drive S-AWC from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi crossovers on the ice track are a great opportunity to test the capabilities of the brand all-wheel drive S-AWC in extreme conditions. There is naked ice under the wheels, a left turn ahead, and the car, despite the steering wheel turned, stubbornly slides straight. A snowdrift on the sidelines approaches with frightening speed and instinctively turned up to the stop in the direction of turning the steering wheel does not save the situation, but only aggravates.

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What could be the Maybach Exelero Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe

Sometimes concepts reach mass production, greatly simplified, but still retain recognizable features. The S63 looks like it is the road version of Exelero. When developing cars in our time, designers and engineers are limited to marketing research. They need to create a car that will appeal to the maximum number of buyers, will satisfy the requirements of most markets around the world, which the president of the company and possibly his children will appreciate. But when it comes to concepts, they get as much freedom as possible.

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